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about us

Based in New York City, Lost Wax Studio carries exclusive hand fabricated fun and fine jewelry from local independent designers, an interesting selection of raw materials, beads, gemstones, and quality tools to spark your creativity. 

We offer creative and fun jewelry workshops taught by working designers. Workshops are project based and you are guaranteed to leave after 2 hours having learned a new technique wearing the amazing piece you have designed and custom made. This is an amazing experience, a chance to connect with others with shared interests. For celebrations, private events, team building, corporate entertaining and product launches.

We host unique events/hands-on demos/trunk shows featuring local designers/makers throughput the year, please join our mailing list for detailed information and to sign up for  our newsletter. 
CALENDAR for workshops schedule or contact us for your private event. 
LIVE page for events updated daily. 

our experience

LOST WAX STUDIO is a collaborative effort to create a studio/community/gallery around making/metals/wearable objects founded by three designers/makers. The concept for the store originated with Tam Tran as a culmination of her experience in the apparel and jewelry industry, together with Yuval Alexander they have created a wonderful unique interactive space on Elizabeth Street. Instead of a static and traditional retail experience, Lost Wax is an experiential space filled with beautiful hand fabricated jewelry from small independent designers, inspiring found raw materials, and offers workshop to help you create your own wearable piece. The workshops are also an amazing new way for friends to be together and share a unique creative experience.

The term lost wax applies to both the techniques used in textile printing (also known as resist wax used in batik prints and Dutch wax prints) and for metals (a casting process since ancient times) both of which are Tam's main passions.

Tam Tran has over fifteen years experience as designer/design director in the apparel industry (Avirex/PVH/TOMMY HILFIGER) and has been working as a jewelry designer/metalsmith for the past 7 years. Her work has appeared in various films and is available in fine specialty boutiques nationwide. Starting Lost Wax Studio fulfills her dream of creating an interactive space with beautiful raw materials, sharing knowledge and showing the work of other small independent designers. She will also be leading a series of DESIGNERS/INSPRIRATION studio workshops at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC fall 2012.
Wearing something around our necks dates back to ancient times, either to safeguard something of value or as protection with an amulet, so we have many interesting objects at Lost Wax that can be simply be worn on a cord. Made not manufactured is something I firmly believe and support. By presenting beautiful materials, regardless of preciousness, in an interesting way I want people to see these objects in a different light and how it can be used in a more relevant way to their lifestyle today. A beautiful strand of rough beads can add incredible interest to any tee shirt or sweatshirt for a man/woman and will completely elevate this look to something personal and unique to the wearer. Tam Tran 

Yuval Alexander has been designing and making jewelry for eight years. He creates handmade jewelry, primarily using sterling silver and alternative materials, such as resin and color pigments. His designs are mostly contemporary/modern and influenced by everyday objects, cultural references, and natural phenomena. 
Yuval has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, and prior to realizing his interest was in working with his hands creating jewelry, he traveled the world working in the corporate field of organizational psychology and consulting.

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