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We have designed our workshops to be project oriented so that you will leave the session wearing the cool piece that you have made. We provide learning in a fun and inspired setting with working designers teaching techniques that you can then build upon depending on your own vision.

We encourage you to get a group of fun friends/coworkers together for a private events (minimum 4 students) at group pricing which is dependent upon materials and number of participants. Bridesmaids/birthdays/kids parties/corporate bonding, everyone has a great time and leaves with something cool that they have made and everyone loves spending time in our beautiful space. See more workshop images in the what we do section of our site.

All of our instructors are working and experienced local designers and very knowledgeable about different techniques. Most of our projects are unisex depending on material selection.

171 elizabeth street (spring+kenmare)   646-485-1117


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